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Property Management
Support Teams

Managing properties is a significant responsibility, which is why we have organized our services into specialized teams to enhance efficiency and ensure thorough follow-up. This approach guarantees that both our property owners and guests receive optimal support. Discover more about our property management support teams by exploring the information provided below.

Guest Support Team

Our dedicated Guest Support Team handles all matters related to our guests, starting from the initial inquiry to the actual check-in process, and continues to provide assistance throughout their stay. With round-the-clock availability and proficiency in multiple languages, our team ensures that our guests receive the highest level of support at all times.

Admin Support Team

Our proficient Admin Support Team takes care of various aspects, including meeting the TA website listings requirements, ensuring government compliance, managing the back end of the business, handling building access, permits, DET check-ins and check-outs, security deposits, platform issues, and more. They ensure smooth operations and address all necessary administrative tasks to maintain efficiency and compliance within our property management services.

Client Support Team

Our dedicated Client Support Team takes charge of all host-related affairs. Whether it's providing assistance with Owner Stays or explaining Monthly Statements, their primary goal is to address any inquiries or concerns. Additionally, this team handles permit renewals and ensures that our KYC information remains up to date. Rest assured, they are always available to provide the necessary guidance and support to our valued hosts.

Revenue Support Team

The Revenue Support Team plays a crucial role in optimizing property revenue by meticulously managing pricing strategies throughout the year, aiming to maximize earnings for our property owners. This involves adjusting prices based on demand and supply dynamics, utilizing a combination of algorithms and manual fine-tuning. Furthermore, we implement varying pricing structures depending on the specific booking channels utilized, such as different approaches for platforms like Airbnb versus With their expertise, the team ensures that our owners benefit from competitive and profitable pricing strategies tailored to each channel.

Property Management Support FAQs

You can expect to receive your monthly statement, which includes details of all reservations and payouts, automatically uploaded to the owner app by around the 5th of each month for the previous month’s activity. Payouts are typically processed and completed before the 10th of each month.

Certainly! You have the option to book your own property for your personal stay through the app, provided that the calendar for your property is available and not booked by any other guest.
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